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The extraordinary success of our clinical research team

Wednesday 12 February 2020 in News from the Cancer Centre

A team of eight Clinical Research Associates have had extraordinary success in the last five years at the Cancer Centre for Children (CCFC) as they research promising treatments and new therapies to provide children with cutting-edge treatment.

Clinical Research Manager, Anthea Ng, leads the team whose work is an essential part of continually improving the outcomes of children with cancer. Its recent highlights include doubling the number of patients enrolled in clinical trials and tripling the number of new studies opened each year, resulting in close to 80 clinical trials within the Cancer Centre at present.

“Our aim for the future is to ensure we have a clinical trial open for every type of childhood cancer at the CCFC,” said Anthea. “This means taking what the scientists develop in the laboratory and translating that into the clinical, human, setting.”

Clinical trials are crucial in raising standards of cancer treatment, innovating, and determining which treatments have less long-term side effects. Anthea has high hopes for future research at the centre.

“In the next few years we want to help improve survival rates for all cancer types, in particular brain tumours. In the leukaemia and lymphoma field, immunotherapy is the way of the future and this area will continue to develop over the next 5 to 10 years.”

Clinical research is very costly, though, and donations and fundraising are the driving force that enable it to continue to improve the survival rate, and quality of life, of children with cancer. Bob ‘Tug’ Wilson’s Walk for Kids with Cancer is one of the most important events on the Cancer Centre’s calendar.

“In order to manage this increase in activity our team continues to grow, and it is with the help of fantastic events such as Bob ‘Tug’ Wilson’s Walk, that money raised directly contributes to helping my team continue to find the best treatments for cancer,” said Anthea.

Join Anthea and her team on Sunday, 29 March as they participate in the annual Bob ‘Tug’ Wilson’s Walk for Kids with Cancer. They will walk 27km from Sydney CBD to Manly hoping to raise $400,000 for sick kids.

Photo (L-R): Jessa Morales, Anna Samolej, Joanne Chuah, Stephen Mokaya, Anthea Ng, Jun Cai, Arrielle Hope and Palita Somsri

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