A to Z of fundraising ideas

Keen to fundraise but stuck for ideas? Whether a large or small event, there’s something for everyone.


  • Afternoon tea / morning tea – have your work colleagues bring a plate of food and charge an entry fee to all participants.
  • After work drinks – have drinks after work where the company subsidises the alcohol and snacks. Charge an entry fee and small amount for each drink.
  • Artwork sale or auction – hold an exhibit for your work colleagues to showcase and sell the artwork created by their own co-workers and/or local artists.


  • BBQ/sausage sizzle – hold a BBQ at work and charge an entry fee or charge for each item consumed.
  • Baby guessing competition – everyone at work brings in a baby photo and pays $5 to guess who’s who. Perhaps anyone who doesn’t take part has to pay $5 too! The winner gets a prize.
  • Bike rides – gather a group of work colleagues who want to raise funds by holding a sponsored bike ride.


  • Car park raffle/auction – if parking your car at work is near impossible, when those with company car parks are away, why not organise to raffle/auction off their car space?
  • Children’s fun day – arrange activities and entertainment for your work colleagues to bring their children along and charge a fee for each child who participates.
  • Cookbooks – ask work colleagues etc to donate copies of their favourite family recipes to form a cookbook you can sell to your colleagues and friends.


  • Donate – an hour’s pay, or why not a day’s pay?
  • Dances – organise a themed dance for your next social club outing, why not go back to the 50s, 60s or 70s or perhaps Salsa is more appealing?
  • Dress up day – forget dressing down, it’s your chance to glam up at work!


  • End of financial year party – why not name The Children’s Hospital at Westmead as your charity of choice at your end of financial year party? Charge a small entry fee and give out prizes.
  • Expeditions – gather some action-orientated work colleagues to embark on an adventurous trek that could be either sponsored or ticketed. Eg. The group could climb a mountain.
  • Expert talks – confirm a guest to talk on a subject that you and your colleagues are interested in. Charge an admission fee and perhaps hold an auction of their latest book etc.


  • Fun runs – gather any interested work colleagues and participate in a sponsored run.
  • Fishing competition - organise a fishing competition for all of those fishing enthusiasts you work with and confirm who really is the best fisherman/fisherwoman in the ranks!
  • 50/50 club – get your work colleagues to donate $5 a month. Each month hold a draw where the name of each participant is put in a hat with one name drawn out. The lucky person whose name is pulled from the hat wins half the total raised while the other half is donated to the Hospital.


  • Guessing competition – fill a jar with lollies, coins, rubber bands or thumb tacks and charge $5 per guess.
  • Golf days and tournaments – hold a golf day for your work colleagues, clients and/or suppliers and name the Hospital as your charity of choice.
  • Gym challenge.
  • Giving up a habit.


  • Heads or tails – play a game of Heads or Tails. Everyone donates to enter. Whilst standing up, each person decides if they’re heads or tails by putting a hand on their head or their bottom. Flip a coin and announce the results. Those who get it wrong sit down. Continue until only one person is left.
  • Hat sale – get everyone at work to donate their old hats (perhaps around Spring carnival time) and hold a “second hand” hat sale.


  • Indulgence day – instead of a casual day, create an indulgence day where everyone can wear their slippers and have a hot chocolate!
  • Inter-departmental sports matches – organize for teams or departments to play against each other in a knock out competition. Anyone for netball, soccer etc?


  • Jewellery auction/raffle – hold an exhibit for work colleagues and valued clients to showcase pieces of jewellery available for auction/raffle.
  • Jellies in a jar – an ever popular competition of guessing how many jelly beans in a jar.


  • Knockout darts or pool tournament.
  • Karaoke night for your work’s next social function.
  • Kite flying competition – hold a family day for your work colleagues with a picnic in the park and kite flying.


  • Late for meetings penalty – do meetings constantly start late? Why not charge a $5 penalty for anyone who arrives to a meeting five minutes after its planned commencement?
  • Lunch money – instead of buying lunch, why not have your work colleagues bring in their own lunch one day and donate what is normally spent on lunch to the Hospital?
  • Logies event – do you and your work colleagues follow the Logies? Perhaps hold your own Logies night with prizes for “work related categories” and hand out Logie statuettes to the winners.


  • Mobile phone ringing penalty - start a penalty system for anyone whose phone rings during a meeting or presentation, perhaps a $5 penalty should be  established to discourage the disruptions?
  • Master classes – are you or any of your work colleagues exceptional at something? Why not organise a small class to show other people how to do it and charge them for the privilege?
  • Memory lane – transport you and your work colleagues back to when you were kids. Have a day where you all dress in the style of the decade you fondly remember as children and bring along some of those tasty dishes your parents would cook.


  • Nintendo/Xbox/Playstation competition – organise a play off at work to see who is the ultimate computer gamer amongst your work colleagues.
  • No coffee/tea day – work colleagues pay $5 per breach of their agreement to not drink tea/coffee, or perhaps up the stakes with no chocolate, no personal calls or no smoking.


  • Office space – are you in an open plan office with unlimited distractions? Why not raffle/auction off the boss’s office next time he/she is away?
  • One-day fast – get sponsored by work colleagues to go without food for a day.


  • Pizza extravaganzas – why not gather a group of work colleagues and hold a fundraiser around making and/or eating pizza for the Hospital?
  • Poker tournament –do you have any card sharks within the work place? Perhaps they can help you organise a poker night with the Hospital as your charity of choice.


  • Quiz night – organise a “bright sparks” trivia quiz for work colleagues to prove who really is the smartest of the bunch!
  • Quintessentially Australian – organise a day where work colleagues bring along some Aussie tucker to celebrate being Australian. Charge a fee to join in.


  • Regular giving – why not sign up to make a regular monthly gift to the Hospital.
  • Read-a-thon.
  • Running competition.
  • Recipe swap.


  • Swear box – have a swear box in your work place and fine those who utter a swear word.
  • Scrabble competition - find out who really is the “thesaurus” champion of the office.
  • Staff survey – encourage everyone to complete the staff survey and pay a gold coin donation to the Hospital, with the company matching the contributions made.


  • Talent competition – hold a night of entertainment where your co-workers can showcase their amazing “hidden’ talents”!
  • Ten pin bowling – find out who the best ten pin bowler is amongst your work colleagues by testing their skills in a sponsored bowling tournament. For the professionals, try it blindfolded!
  • Treasure hunt – to boost staff interaction, why not organise a treasure hunt for your coworkers? Organise cryptic “work-related” clues leading people from one location to another.
  • Three-legged race, tug-of-war tournaments.


  • Umbrella rental – rent out work umbrellas for a gold coin donation.
  • Ugly duckling competition – have your work colleagues bring a photo of themselves from 5, 10, 15 or even 20 years ago and hold a competition for “best/worst hair cut”, “best dressed” etc.
  • Under the sea ball – why not hold an “under the sea” themed ball for work colleagues and valued clients to attend?


  • Visit the vineyards – organise a bus trip for work colleagues to visit the vineyards, perhaps add an extra charge to donate back to the Hospital?
  • Victory donation – when your team wins a competition, why not donate the winnings to the Hospital?


  • Wine tasting evening – spend an evening tasting fine wines with your work colleagues. Charge participants an entry fee that covers wine, cheese and a donation to the Hospital.
  • Walk – why not gather a group of interested work colleagues to partake in a sponsored walk?


  • Xmas party – at this year’s Christmas party why not name the Hospital as the charity of choice and hold an auction, raffle or include an additional amount to donate to the Hospital on all tickets?
  • Xmas card sale – The Children’s Hospital at Westmead has a range of Christmas cards available each year. Visit the e-shop on the Hospital Website.
  • Xmas card donation – instead of sending Christmas cards this year, wish your work colleagues and clients a Merry Christmas using eCards. The money you and your colleagues normally spend on Christmas cards can then be donated to the Hospital.


  • Yoga marathon – why not gather a group of your work colleagues to participate in a sponsored yoga marathon?
  • Yes day – convince a group of your work colleagues to have people sponsor them in their quest to say yes to everyone’s work demands on a particular day (within reason of course).


  • Zany events – the list is endless and perhaps more suited to after-work drink activities: Eat jelly with chopsticks, drink milk through a Tim Tam, greatest number of marshmallows in a mouth etc.

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