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When you are an inpatient, the hospital becomes your home. We welcome you and try to accommodate your needs.

But despite our best efforts, the hospital is essentially a clinical environment and sometimes feels nothing like home.

If you are having a bad day, we provide a range of help. Take a look:

The Carer Support Program provides an informal space known as the Parent and Carer Resource Centre, which is located just behind the Chemist on Level 2 of the hospital. It’s equipped with lounges, magazines, newspapers, tea and coffee facilities, microwave, computers and free internet access so parents can take a break from their child’s bedside while staying within reach.

The Carer Wellness Program is part of the Carer Support Program and provides yoga, massages and activities for parents, as well as trained support workers for sharing your anxieties and worries. Bookings can be made at the Parent and Carer Resource Centre.

For regional clients who have long distances to drive, there is a Driver Reviver Room where you can recuperate in the Parents Hostel.

Chaplain and worship rooms are located on entry level of the Hospital opposite the Camperdown Ward. As a non-demoninational space, everyone is welcome here and you can speak with the chaplain for religious counselling if you require it.

Providing feedback

We take consumer engagement seriously. Feedback of all types—compliments, concerns and especially complaints—form an integral part of how we improve our services to you.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of care, first please speak to your child’s medical team or the Nursing Unit Manager.

If you’re still not satisfied, contact The Patients' Friend, Marguerite Pain, who can ensure appropriate members of staff address your concerns. Marguerite has an office opposite the Parent and Carer Lounge, but can be contacted on 9845 3535 or via email. Alternatively, a staff member can make an appointment for you.

You may like to register your concerns using this webform, read about how we manage complaints, or learn about your rights and responsibilities.

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