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Charlotte’s looking forward to dance lessons and preschool

Tuesday 8 December 2020 in Patient stories

With an enormous smile, three-year-old Charlotte radiated confidence as she rang the brass bell in Oncology recently. It had been a long and arduous 18 months, that had also taken a toll on her family, so celebrating the completion of her treatment was an exciting event.

Her mother, Dianne, remembers how Charlotte overcame significant difficulties since being diagnosed with cancer in July 2019.

“It was difficult to see Charlotte get so sick, and see her try to understand and accept the many side effects of the cancer treatment before getting better.

“The two stem cell transplants she had to go through, and the long stays in hospital, were the worst, but the doctors were fantastic, and always on top of everything to make sure that Charlotte did well.”

It has been a transforming experience for Charlotte, who was very excited to ring the bell and looks forward to doing regular activities. “She has matured a lot since her diagnosis, understands that she’s been sick and now she’s better, and that she doesn’t have to stay in hospital anymore except for check-ups.” 

“She’s excited to get her central line out and finally be able to have a proper shower and a swim in the pool.

Best of all, Charlotte is looking forward to some special activities. “Now that Charlotte’s better, she wants to take dance lessons, go to preschool, and have lots of friends.”

Charlotte was very keen to ring the bell

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