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Sarah’s candles burn bright for a cancer cure

Tuesday 17 November 2020 in Supporter thanks

Sarah was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer, called osteosarcoma, at nine years of age in 2016. Today, she is in remission, but her experience has inspired her to help other children with cancer and led to her establishing Sarah's Charity Candles. 

All proceeds from Sarah's business are donated to children's cancer foundations, to help find a cure, and she has done an amazing job of making a difference by raising funds for this important cause. 

Sarah recently gave families in the Cancer Centre for Children her beautiful candles with their distinctive turtle logo. Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your candles and best wishes as you continue to make a difference.

Photo (Top): Isla, 3, and mum.

Mikayla, 8, and mum

Molly, 14, with a candle

18-month-old Emmanuel and mum

The Cancer Centre for Children conducts vital research to help make childhood cancer a disease of the past. Help us work towards a cure for cancer by donating here.  Thank you.

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