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Smiles on the first day of school

Friday 12 February 2021 in Patient stories

The first day of school brings a whirlwind of emotions with children often excited and parents sometimes a little teary. Ehsan and Sonny have just started Kindergarten and are beginning their school journey after receiving treatment at the Cancer Centre for Children.

With the opportunity to make new friends and learn interesting things it’s no wonder Ehsan and Sonny are excited about school and have big, bright smiles in these photos that show them dressed in their new uniforms and ready to have fun and learn.

Ehsan is enjoying school

"Ehsan is enjoying Kindy and has made lots of new friends in his class," said his mother, Emine. "He likes to play basketball and dominos with his friends."

Sonny has fun in the library

“Sonny loves school,” said his mother, Steph.

“His favourite things are the library and learning ‘hands on top, that means stop', where the teacher tells them to put their hands on their head to get the kids to stop and pay attention.”

Best wishes to all children and teenagers as they begin a new school year and special wishes to children entering Kindergarten as they begin ‘big’ school.


Is your child enjoying school? Share the fun here.  Have they rung the bell, had a birthday, or created beautiful artwork? Contact us to share it on the website. 

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