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Oncology Treatment Centre procedure and entry door changes

Tuesday 23 February 2021 in News from the Cancer Centre

COVID-19 continues to bring many procedure changes to the Oncology Treatment Centre (OTC) and to how we look after children and families in Oncology.

The Hospital, with NSW Health, has introduced measures to help keep us safe and healthy. Please see the Network's visitor guidelines for a detailed guide on visiting the Hospital which was updated 22 February 2021.

Before coming to the Hospital

For Oncology families attending appointments in OTC we ask you to make sure that you and your child are well before coming to the Hospital and have not had any contact with COVID or visited a hotspot. If you have any concerns or questions, please call the Oncology clinic before coming to the Hospital.

Arriving at the Hospital

On arrival at the Hospital you and your child will be screened at the main entrance and you will be asked to check-in via a QR code. You will be asked if you have any symptoms, been in contact with others with symptoms, or travelled to hotspots. Then you will be asked to wear a mask, your temperature will be checked and you will receive a dated visitor sticker on completion of this process. 

Entering OTC

When you go to OTC you will now enter through the main doors, in the same corridor where Pharmacy is located, and present to the reception desk to check-in with Donna or Mira. They will repeat the screening questions again which will include asking if you or your child are in any way unwell. If there are any concerns, nurses and doctors are available to assist immediately. Your child will then be weighed and measured, and observations (including temperature) will be checked and entered in your child’s notes.

Thank you for continuing to do your part to keep all our families safe. Please remember to wear a mask in the clinic, stay physically distant from other children and families, wash your hands, use sanitiser, and let us know immediately if your child or you are unwell.

Together, we can help stop the spread.

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