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Lamingtons, meat pies and slime

Friday 24 January 2020 in Celebrations

Red, white, and blue floated above patients and families heads today as several large Australian flags announced that celebrations for our national day had begun. Bunting, and a giant inflated thong at reception, added to the ambience creating a fun change of pace for children used to hospital routines.

“I love it,” said Elizabeth who was with nine-year-old Ane. “All the decorations – they look really good.”

Aussie themed snacks were popular as lamingtons, party pies and sausage rolls made the rounds in the morning and a large bowl of Caramello Koala chocolates tempted families at reception.

Charlotte, 8, helped roll pieces of sponge cake in chocolate and sprinkle coconut on them creating fresh lamingtons that were a crowd pleaser. She did such a good job there was plenty for everyone.  

The Avengers paid a surprise visit during the Australia Day festivities with Captain America, Thor, Spiderman, Catwoman and Black Widow meeting children and chatting with them.

They generated a huge amount of superhero excitement with children getting hi-fives and the ‘low-down’ on saving the world.

Craft is a popular activity in the Oncology waiting room, but slime tops all other craft with more children asking for it than anything else. “Everyone loves it,” said Angelica Torrijos, Child Life and Music Therapy Assistant. “And it’s not just the children. Sometimes parents ask to do it too.”

Slime manages to be both craft and science with children mixing ingredients together in plastic tubs then choosing a colour, a scent like bubble gum or peppermint and, if they want, coloured glitter.

“This is the best I’ve ever made,” said eight-year-old Adrian, squeezing his blue slime. “It even makes a popping sound when I do this.”

Nearby, six-year-old Bella stretched her pink slime wide and thin until it looked like a sheet of rubbery paper before squishing it into a ball.

Oncology’s Australia Day celebrations provided a welcome splash of colour and some fun activities to make an ordinary day in hospital into something special.


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