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Join the celebration on ‘Our Wall of Love’

Tuesday 4 February 2020 in News from the Cancer Centre

Valentine’s Day has long enthralled people with loving thoughts to share, and Oncology is extending this opportunity for the whole month of February with ‘Our Wall of Love’. Regular volunteers, Jen, Kay and Mary, and Angelica, Child Life and Music Therapy Assistant, developed the concept of people writing messages of love on paper bricks when they were inspired by feedback from families who said they’d like to be involved in a project enabling them to express their feelings.

Daisies climb the sides of the attractive wall on which messages are beginning to appear. Family, friends, individuals, and people as a group have been celebrated in heartfelt notes jotted down when people pass the wall as they enter or leave the centre.

Read a few that have been shared in the gallery below, and leave your own message of love next time you pass. That a tradition with its roots in ancient Roman times is still popular today shows how rewarding it is to let people know you love them. I think we’d all agree it’s wonderful to be on the receiving end too.

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