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Going for gold: Researchers raise awareness to help kids with cancer

Monday 28 September 2020 in News from the Cancer Centre

Research is crucial to unlocking knowledge to help make cancer a disease of the past, and our team in the Children's Cancer Research Unit (CCRU) are committed to using social media this month to raise awareness and encourage community support.

"Every year in September, we look to honour and remember children with cancer, their families and community, bringing greater awareness and support at every opportunity," says Janett Clarkson, Research and Development Manager.

See CCRU in action below and follow them on Twitter @kids_research

Janett Clarkson has gone gold this month

Geraldine O'Neil, Head of CCRU, and Anthea NG, Head of Clinical Trials, are working together to make kids cancer a disease of the past

"I became a research scientist because I wanted to find out how treatments for brain cancer can be improved," says Thuvarahan, PHD candidate.

Sam Bax is shown beside a newly formed brain tumour in a dish he developed in the lab. This technology will help improve drug testing.

Louise Orcheston-Findlay with a cryostat machine that helps in the examination of tissue to diagnose cancer.

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