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Creative hygiene for kids with tiny spiders in soap

Wednesday 11 November 2020 in News from the Cancer Centre

Novelty hand soaps, shaped like pumpkins and ghosts, were offered to families in Oncology recently and each contained the added bonus of a small plastic spider. Enormously popular at Halloween, the attractive soaps meant children had to lather up and clean their hands to reach their spidery prize, resulting in some highly motivated handwashers.

The soaps were a stroke of genius from Tamara Wauchope, a trained pharmacist committed to natural ingredients, who is establishing a range of products made from scratch that are kind to sensitive skin.

Instead of using harsh chemicals, such as lye (a metal hydroxide often used in soap making), she opts for organic formulas and her motivation lies close to home. Both Tamara and her daughter, Ashlynn, who is undergoing chemotherapy in the Cancer Centre for Children, experience reactions to the preservatives and chemicals in standard products.

With the current focus on hygiene, during the pandemic, Tamara’s choice of gift was inspired. “I considered bringing in chocolates or lollies for the kids, but then thought, why not bring in soap with a little spider in the middle? It would teach kids hygiene and help against COVID-19.”

“I knew I’d have to make the soap small, or the kids would get sick of washing their hands to get the spider!”

The care taken in sourcing ingredients for the soap is extended to all products Tamara makes. “In the lip balms I use pure freeze-dried, then powdered, fruit such as blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. They are actual ingredients, there is no artificial flavouring, just natural berries.”

More natural Australian ingredients will be introduced to Tamara’s range, that includes makeup, creams, moisturisers and even laundry powder soon, influenced by her Aboriginal heritage.

Right now, though, there are lots of clean hands holding tiny spiders in Oncology thanks to her generous gifts. We are very grateful for Tamara’s support of our families and for her creativity in making hygiene fun.

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